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smitten with color
driven by design
infatuated with typography
loyal to the idea
owns point-of-view

crazy about the grid

UpbringingS influence perspective. I didn't grow up in a homogeneous neighborhood and we were a Kimchee & rice Hyphen Meat & Potatoes type of dinner table. diversity is inseparable from my consciousness. A state of mind to bring alternative thinking to connect deeper with people— and communicate with messages that are genuine, legitimate, refreshing. Why conform? Let's Get RISKY. What I want? to make work that stands up and out. Different is beautiful.



Always up for a challenge.

From running 2 half-marathons within 120 days—to a 30-minute taco-eating throw-down at the office inhaling 10.5 tacos (a respectful 1/2 taco loss BTW)— to making clients happy.

Perceptive. Intuitive. Soulful. A whole lotta empathy for mindful creative.


I align strategy, creative intent and content into a big idea.

And, then I make it sparkle.

My 15 years plus of consumer, b2b and healthcare experience has been a mix of projects that gave my creative muscle a broad range of flex. Jumping out of comfort zones, solving complicated problems, and elevating brands are part of my creative acumen. I don't consider taking the easy way out when it comes to reaching goals because I believe in delivering quality, for every brand. I have an ease when giving guidance and encouragement to junior talent, or anyone who wants a helping hand. I'm passionate about creativity, and I care about the work and the people, as well as the messages we send out to the world.


There's nothing static about advertising, the marketplace, the target, the brand, the messages, the technology, the ad space, the clients, the agencies, and the work. It's all a perpetual learning experiment and it's exciting to dive in and put a fresh spin on the work. I grow, adapt. What's consistent is my craft, generating and actualizing concepts, to bring sharp ideas, sharp design, sharp execution.

Nimble. Experienced, agency-fluent senior talent.

For pixels and dots, for screen and paper. For anything and everything.

Call me, conversations shouldn't be nostalgic:  312.543.6303

Write me, technology is comfy & convenient:  amandahasideas@gmail.com

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part-time scorpio.  cilantro-lover.  advertising art director.

I'M  A






I make a killer guac . and, life's better when it's guac o'clock  .  I take gold in eyebrow gymnastics  .  3 tattoos. so far  .  handshake of the universe is with Captain James A. Lovell, of Apollo 13  .  1 monster truck rally  .  I thought I wanted to be a fashion designer, but couldn't afford to be sent to Parsons. found advertising at U of I, realized I had always been charmed by advertising. so things happen for a reason, indeed  .  a head-on collision unbelievably wasn't the worst thing I experienced  .  yes, I love the color purple  .  jazz makes my brain happy  .  yes, I'm poised yet sarcastic   .  yes, I drink a lotta of coffee with espresso  .  and, yes I love advertising