Chopsticks & Forks

We were a kimchee & rice-hyphen-meat & potatoes type of dinner table.
I’m the eldest daughter of a Korean immigrant & a Puerto Rican American.
My mom gave me a love for art, my dad gave me curls.
Some thought I was
a shy kid, I say quiet observer. Hyper-aware, taking mental note,
analyzing behavior, the moment, in the moment.

Heart & Mind

So, here I am, studying people. Studying behaviors, mining truths,
dot-connecting, and pitching mindful creative thinking into advertising feels. But make it fancy.

Push & Pull

Upbringings influence perspective. Experiences shape ideas. I’m driven

to create inclusive, authentic, and human-centered work, always looking for opportunities to stray from comfort zones.


Seeking the unexpected. Pushing.

Live & Learn

Being my daughter’s sidekick, giving back, plotting vacays, and racking up Netflix binges are some of my unbillable projects.

Design that blends utility, beauty, and artistry moves me.

Mid Century-Mod makes me gush.

When I  need a reset, I go to the Art Institute. And wander.

  I want to make work that

Stands Up & out

Find me at

Pink Leopard





​Born in Minnesota, lived in Seoul, lived in Houston, lived in Louisiana, thennnn Chicago, by way of Army before age 4.


My tomboy years, latchkey-kid cred, and street smarts taught me to follow my instincts, value responsibility, and make calculated decisions on the fly. Growing up, my neighborhood was my playground, where the combo of loose supervision and limitless possibilities outside fed exploration, inventiveness, and creativity.


My mom as a single-parent raised my sister and I.

Privileged to witness strength, selflessness, resilience, courage. With grace.


That’s the legacy I want to leave behind.

Told the story of the French Revolution through its fashion. Threads, footwear, wigs, hats, accessories—symbols of class, identity, culture, politics, and expression. This couture-lover took a runway victory lap into 1st Place, then bon voyage to France the summer before senior year of high school.

I took a pause, to become my mom’s caregiver,

We were Thelma & Louise on the run from cancer.

I saw how bottomless hope and strength of

mind literally kept a crumbling body running.


Winston Churchill said,

If you’re going through Hell, keep going.


I did.

Blue Abstract Shapes

Asian, European, Spaniard Portuguese, African, Polynesian, and Native American is my genetic soup.

 Surviving a 65 mph head-on collision was my defining moment. Every day is a second chance.