Scrappy, but mighty idea wrangler.

Fierce, always up for a challenge. Because taking risks is never boring. . .

from running away from my mother’s wooden spoon of discipline to running 2 half-marathons in 120 days
from inhaling 10.5 tacos in a 30-minute taco-eating throw-down to gobbling up family style-sized plates of insights from jumping out of comfort zones to solve complicated asks to the steady crafted swagger of being in the zone when you’ve transformed an unattractive brand into a beauty.

I’ve launched a global integrated campaign for Bayer to simplify lives affected by diabetes, selling empowerment.


I knock out ideas like a heavyweight pro defending title. Over the span of 30 months, I conceived smart concepts for over 15 specialized brands in ambitious pitches, rebrands, and product launches. Clinched awards.


I’m aces hustling self-initiated work. I answered Joan Creative’s Tweet Brief, with my diverse all-women queens of comedy cast flipping Cheers— from where everybody knows your name —80s hit remake to where everybody knows it’s Ladies Night. Landed The Big Ad Gig, aced it as an honorary New Yorker.

I'm the luckiest mom to have a daughter that sparks limitless joy in my heart. She motivates me to kick ass. Moms absolutely get shit done. No lie.

I’m proud to sprinkle soul into my work. Unapologetic about my flawless executions. Giving back is never an if, but a how 'bout now.